The forerunner of COREON (Commission on Research Regulation) was the Privacy Committee. This committee was established by the VvE in 1991. The reason for setting up the committee was the introduction of a number of medical bills (the Person Registration [EE1] Act, the Medical Treatment Act (later Medical Treatment Agreement Act) and the Medical Experiments Act). The VvE set up the Privacy Committee to be able to more actively participate in the further development of legislative proposals and also express its concern about such legislation. In 1995, the first product was delivered, the Good Conduct Code.

In 2003, the Privacy Commission was consigned to FEDERA, under the name COREON (Commission on Research Regulation). From that moment, affiliated institutes started paying a contribution, particularly for legal assistance. Since then COREON has grown steadily, both in terms of the number of participating institutions as well as the number of the reports and codes of conduct that have been published. Since 2004 COREON holds an annual session during WEON.

The organization of COREON is stipulated in the bylaws. The COREON activities are coordinated by the executive committee and legal support is provided by Medlawconsult.

The COREON participants meet three times a year, and set the policy and establish priorities. During the meetings discussions between researchers and lawyers take place, which are of great importance for the final products (such as codes, notes, and actions). In addition, suggested solutions are tested for efficacy. Fixed agenda items are local issues and forthcoming regulations. Incidentally during the meetings working parties are set up to investigate specific topics in greater depth. Participants are encouraged to participate in this process, to ensure that the final product correspond as closely as possible with the practice of the health researchers.

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