The VvE Board

The VvE Board consists of thirteen members and is responsible for the affairs of the society. Board members can only participate in the board as a natural person. For the composition of the board diversity in geography, specialty and function are considered.

Board members serve on the board for a term of three years. A board member can have a maximum of three terms (i.e., for up to nine years). According to the statutes, a fourth term is possible if the fourth term overlaps with the position as chair of the board, member of the Executive Committee, or the expertise of a board member is important for the board.

A subset of the VvE Board form the Executive Committee. The executive committee consists of four members: a chairman, secretary, treasurer and an outgoing or future chair. The presidency is for a term of two years. The President is a member of the executive committee one year before and one year after his or her term.

The VvE Board draws up a policy document every five years. Based on the policy document the three core groups annually draw up one or more work plans.