The Netherlands Epidemiology Society (VvE) was founded in 1986. The organization resulted from the Working Group on Epidemiological Research Netherlands (WEON). The VvE is a scientific society. Epidemiologists (or those interested in epidemiology) can join the society. The VvE has over 1050 members. The VvE's mission is to promote epidemiological education and adequate implementation of epidemiological studies in the Netherlands.


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The VvE focuses on three priorities. For each of the priorities a core group was formed, consisting of board members of the VvE:

  1. Core Group Research: fostering the quality of epidemiological research.
    This core group consists amongst other of: the RERP working party

  2. Core Group Education: Fostering the quality of epidemiological education.
    This core group consists of: CTB Epidemiology, the review committee, and the accredited Epidemiology trainers 

  3. Core Group Community Cohesion: Fostering cohesion within the epidemiological community. This core group consists of: the PR working party, editorial staff of Epistel, the web editors of the VvE website, the junior Epidemiologists working party, and the Focus Groups.