Epistel april 2018: Onderwijs

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EPI teaching – get inspired!

Wednesday 6 June, 13:30-17:00, we organise a WEON preconference that is about developing and conducting inspiring epidemiological teaching and it will be a very interactive session. All epidemiologists being active in teaching are more than welcome to brainstorm and discuss about this issue!

In the first part of the afternoon we will deal with topics that participants can suggest themselves. Possible topics are:

-          Activating methods in EPI classroom teaching

-          Examination in EPI teaching

-          Requirements and contents of EPI internships

The participants will receive a digital questionnaire beforehand to inquire about preferred topics. In an open space setting the selected topics will be discussed.

In the second part of the afternoon the topic is ‘online and digital epidemiological teaching’. We will provide a short overview of the possibilities, after which we will discuss them and exchange experiences with each other. Depending on the participants the language of the preconference will be Dutch or English. So get inspired in EPI teaching during this preconference and meet your teaching colleagues!

Please register here: https://www.weon.nl/

Kind regards,

Iris van Rooij and Femmie de Vegt

On behalf of the ‘VvE Speergroep Onderwijs’