Workgroup Junior Epidemiologists

In October 2016 the working group Junior epidemiologists was established, consisting of four enthusiastic VVE members. The group organizes two or three activities specifically aimed at junior epidemiologists, including students, doctoral students, medical researchers, junior researchers and postdocs. These activities include workshops and seminars with the aim to connect junior epidemiologists and promote their development. The VVE also contemplates thus to strengthen the network of junior epidemiologists, both at national and international levels. The Working Group invites all junior epidemiologists - both members and non-members of the VVE – wholeheartedly to participate in these activities! Every year the Working Group prepares a work plan and it meets four times a year. Do you need more information about the group or do you have a great idea for an  activity? Please contact us via the secretariat.

Activities Epidemiology Group Junior 2018

March 29, 2018
Symposium: Your Epidemiological Career, Your Future

June 6, 2018
Pre conference: Let's talk about sex: man-vrouwverschillen in epidemiologisch onderzoek

November 15, 2018
Symposium: Up to date in epidemiologisch onderwijs

Activities Epidemiology Group Junior 2017

Members Group Junior Epidemiologists

The Working Group Junior Epidemiologists includes:

Eline van Roekel
Jizzo Bosdriesz
Tessel Galesloot
Dorien Kimenai

Do you need more information about the group or you have a great idea for an activity? Please contact us via the secretariat.